Genius Ideas 8 Pieces Universal Chair Leg Caps

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Genius Ideas GI-099082: 8 Pieces Universal Chair Leg Caps

No more ugly scratches on parquet and tiles! From now on, your furniture will wear puffy, protect the floor and can be moved back and forth without noise. Simply pull them like a sock over the chair legs! These ultra-flexible silicone chair leg protectors adapt to almost all furniture legs and effectively protect your smooth floors from streaks and scratches. For optimal protection, each cap is covered with an extra-soft felt cover provided. This allows the chairs to be moved easily & quietly – even to the delight of your neighbors! The transparent chair leg protectors in an inconspicuous look fit into any style of furnishing and are suitable for all smooth floor coverings (parquet, PVC, laminate, tiles, natural stone).
Product dimensions: 3 x 4cm
Material: TPU, felt (3mm)

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