Grundig ED-38135: 3-in-1 Selfie Studio Vlogging Kit with Lighting, Microphone and Tripod

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Transform your content creation experience with the Grundig 3-in-1 Selfie Studio Vlogging Kit, tailored to elevate your recordings with integrated lighting, a microphone, and a tripod. Catering to vloggers, content creators, and live streamers, this versatile kit boasts 49 LED lights with adjustable brightness settings, ensuring optimal illumination for your videos regardless of lighting conditions. The included external microphone captures pristine sound, enriching the quality of your recordings and setting your content apart.

Designed for creators on the move, the Grundig Vlogging Kit combines compactness with portability, offering a flexible solution for capturing content anytime, anywhere. The tripod's tilting function and compatibility with various smartphone sizes guarantee stability and adaptability during recording sessions. Whether you're filming makeup tutorials, hosting virtual meetings, or documenting daily vlogs, this kit equips you with everything needed to produce professional-grade content effortlessly.

Technical specifications for the Grundig Vlogging Kit include robust plastic construction, an input voltage of 4.5VDC, and compatibility with 3 x AAA/LR03 batteries. Equipped with connection cables featuring 3.5mm jack connectors, seamless integration with smartphones is ensured. The LED lights offer adjustable color temperatures ranging from 6000K to 6500K, granting customizable lighting options tailored to your preferences and shooting conditions. Furthermore, the tripod boasts a 1/4" screw connection for hassle-free attachment and includes a microphone for pristine audio capture in your videos.


  • Versatile Vlogging Kit: The Grundig 3-in-1 Selfie Studio Vlogging Kit offers a comprehensive solution for content creators, featuring integrated lighting, a microphone, and a tripod for all-in-one convenience.
  • Adjustable LED Lighting: With 49 individual LED lights and adjustable brightness settings, this vlogging kit ensures optimal illumination for your videos, allowing you to capture clear and vibrant footage in any lighting environment.
  • High-Quality Sound Capture: Equipped with an external microphone, the Grundig Vlogging Kit enhances sound quality, enabling you to record clear and accurate audio to complement your video content.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: This vlogging kit is compatible with a wide range of smartphone sizes, accommodating devices from 53mm to 84mm wide, ensuring stability and versatility during recording sessions.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Designed for on-the-go creators, the Grundig Vlogging Kit is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and set up for recording sessions wherever you go.
  • Tilting Tripod Design: The tripod included in the kit features a tilting function, allowing you to adjust the angle of your smartphone for capturing content from the perfect perspective.
  • Easy Setup: With simple and intuitive setup procedures, this vlogging kit is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to assemble and use, allowing you to focus on creating content without any technical hassle.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, including durable plastic and corrosion-resistant metal components, this vlogging kit is built to last and withstand the rigors of regular use.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature: The LED lights offer adjustable color temperature settings between 6000K and 6500K, giving you the flexibility to customize the lighting according to your preferences and shooting conditions.
  • Complete Package: The Grundig Vlogging Kit comes with everything you need to start creating professional-quality videos, including a tripod, microphone, and integrated LED lighting, providing a comprehensive solution for content creators of all levels.


  • Brand name: Grundig
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: ABS
  • Input voltage: 4.5VDC
  • Battery: 3 x AAA/LR03 (external)
  • Connection cables A/B: 3.5mm jack connectors
  • Cable length: 50 cm
  • Number of LED lights: 49
  • Power: 7W
  • Color temperature: 6000-6500K
  • Adjustable brightness: Yes, 3 settings
  • LED light dimensions: 67 x 67 x 30 mm
  • Minimum phone size: 53 mm
  • Maximum phone size: 84 mm
  • Tripod type: Tabletop tripod with tilt function
  • Tripod connection: 1/4" screw
  • Includes microphone
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    Grundig ED-38135: 3-in-1 Selfie Studio Vlogging Kit with Lighting, Microphone and Tripod
    221.00 kr.

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